HP Timeline

Using HP timeline, a flash-based navigator for exploring videos and presentation materials, I showcased the history of IDEO’s work in a timeline format.

Creative Focus:

Podcast Presentation

A photography consultant wanted to discuss podcasts in a presentation format. I created this flash-based interface that allowed her to browse and navigate the various podcasts. I also created several of the podcasts using Aftereffects. This is a flash-based interface with video.


Intel Device

This was a video for some hypothetical products that Intel would be making. The video was a highly produced motion picture. My involvement was to use Aftereffects to create and animate the product faces.


IDEO Secure

This was a series of presentation videos made using Aftereffects and sketched animations to illustrate various story lines for IDEO.



This was another innovation project for IDEO. I was brought in to create some flash-based presentations to deliver the story to their client. These are flash-based demo movies.

Luna Bar:

Lunafest Trailer

LunaFest is a women’s only film festival that travels around the US. This trailer was played at the beginning of each of the film festivals as an introduction to what the festival was about. I worked closely with the production director to edit the film, design, and animate the motion graphics, and to compile the final piece for DVD. This was an after-effects-developed, broadcast quality motion graphics animation

Intel Zephyros

Intel was releasing a pair of new products and needed an interactive presentation tool. This was a flash-based presentation that included video, photography, sound, and interactive bullet points. The presentation describes the use of the products in six different countries around the world.

Dr Pepper:

Academy of Country Music Promo

This was the second year of producing a CD-ROM for the Academy of Country Music to be distributed throughout the US at Wal-Mart stores. Dr. Pepper was the main client and they had asked for an entertaining collection of activities to be produced on CD-ROM.



IBM was launching a new product which they called DB2. They needed a video that would express the intention of the new product to their internal departments. This three-minute long video demonstrates DB2 using motion graphics, sound and other effects.

Demo Reel

I was the Creative Director at 3 Feet Off The Ground, a motion graphics and visual effects company, from 1998 to 2002. This is the demo reel of our graphics abilities from 2000 including live action, 3-D animation and sound design.

Openwave Keynote Video

Openwave, a developer of cell phone web browsers, needed a video to present before a keynote address at a 3GSM conference in Las Vegas. This video was designed to create a sense of excitement around what the CEO of the company was about to present. This is a motion graphics and live action video.

Levis O Spin Kiosk Video

Levis placed kiosks in their stores to allow people to buy jeans electronically. This was an endless loop that would play on the screens to attract attention. Once the user touched the screen, they would be given instructions on how to order and make a purchase.