Eset Wanted Santa

ESET is one of Europe’s largest security software companies. They wanted to create some viral games for the Christmas season. This project allowed people to upload photos of themselves and place them within the sentiment shots, which could then be e-mailed their friends. This was a flash-based micro-site.


Cingular Developers Tool

Cingular had a document that explained how to develop for their cell phone platform. They wanted to do something more than a simple PDF so they asked us to create a flash-based document tool. This included a flash animation intro as well as an interactive interface. The content was XML-based and could be updated easily by someone with no flash experience. This is a flash-based micro-site.


New Years Card 2006

This was the second year of the IDEO Christmas card. The concept for this one was to break out the 365 days of the year into a grid in the sky that would be filled with stars. Employees of IDEO were asked to contribute by picking a day and telling a story about it. The more people who picked a particular day, the larger the star became. This is a flash-based interactive micro-site with a database back end.


Thoughless Acts

Thoughtless Acts was a book produced by IDEO that explored design that happens by accident in everyday life. I developed this website to allow people to upload their own ideas and photographs. The idea was to compile a collection of ‘thoughtless acts’ that can be explored online. This is a flash-based animation with a database backend.