Fine Design:

Stag’s Leap Winery

Fine Design had designed a new website for the Stags Leap Winery. I did the flash production and programming. This is a flash-based website.


Property Manager Software

Intuit was developing a series of new softwares which it needed to beta test with clients. They had decided to use flash as a quick prototyping tool to test the designs in front of a focus group. This is the flash-based prototype.

Book Portfolio

MAD is a design company based in Sausalito California. As part of the production of a monograph of their work, I created a Director-based CD-ROM portfolio of their multimedia work to be included with the book.

Contribute FMA

Macromedia had a spot on the home page of their website that they referred to as the flexible messaging area. Weekly, the content of this area would be replaced with new flash-based animations that would be illustrating the current topic of the week. I helped design, produce, and program these animations.


Paris Installation

Chronopolis was a project created by Eric Adigard and Chris Salter. They had asked me to help with the development of the graphical portion of the program. This was a large-scale interactive projection that was on display in Paris during the 2002 La Villette Media Festival. I created the animations and interactive graphics for this installation.