Eset Wanted Santa

ESET is one of Europe’s largest security software companies. They wanted to create some viral games for the Christmas season. This project allowed people to upload photos of themselves and place them within the sentiment shots, which could then be e-mailed their friends. This was a flash-based micro-site.


Splatter Maker

This company wanted an interactive splatter game that would allow people to create splatter art in the Jackson Pollock fashion, and then be able to e-mail their creations to their friends. It was meant to be a viral video. Stamen Design created the original files and I modified them to work with Action Script Three and added the additional components for e-mailing the creation. This is a flash-based game.

Creative Focus:

Paul Mason Photography Site

I produced this animated, interactive, flash-based website. This was a photography portfolio and it was important to manage the download speeds of the images to give the best user experience.


Nokia FlashLite Interface

This is a project for Nokia are that involved programming the actual interface that would appear on the phones. I used Flashlight, a lightweight flash action script.


PC World

Meta-Design was redesigning the PC world website. They wanted to have a flash features module placed in the center of the home page. For the purpose of search engines, the flash movie needed to pull its content from the HTML in the page. This is a flash-based interactive module.


Cingular Developers Tool

Cingular had a document that explained how to develop for their cell phone platform. They wanted to do something more than a simple PDF so they asked us to create a flash-based document tool. This included a flash animation intro as well as an interactive interface. The content was XML-based and could be updated easily by someone with no flash experience. This is a flash-based micro-site.


Intel Zephyros

Intel was releasing a pair of new products and needed an interactive presentation tool. This was a flash-based presentation that included video, photography, sound, and interactive bullet points. The presentation describes the use of the products in six different countries around the world.